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Leon by Boaz Kaizman, 2013 / special edition
audiovisual graphic novel

The artwork Leon is part of the art project 71Gedichte/71poems. This project is a media experiment that aims at overcoming the limits of the classical exhibition space. The artworks included are presented in their native environment - the Internet. All of these media art works are accessible for everyone and for free and will stay so also in the future.
Today I invite you to take part in this art project and to support it.

Leon - special edition. Ed.100+1AP
In order to purchase an your example you buy words (2 words up to 10 words for 10 Euro each) that will appear on the cover page of this artwork.
Leon is an edition of 100 examples and one AP - Artist Proof. There is no logical reason for this kind of limitation considering that any digital work can be identically multiplied without any limitation. The reason for doing so is my wish to invite you to participate in a sort of game. Instead of possessing an artwork you share it with others using your own words.

How it works:
  1. You choose your words or your message - 2 words up to 10. Example: ¨Boaz Kaizman shares copies for Christmas¨ There are 6 words (10 Euro each) = 60 Euro.
  2. You send your words or your message to the given Email address following the instructions of the link below.
  3. The number of the example you purchase will depend on the chronological order of the Email arrivals.
  4. You pay the sum following the instructions.
  5. During the next 24 hours your words/message will appear on the cover page of the artwork. Example: Edition 5/100 Boaz Kaizman shares copies for Christmas.

Enter the cover page

I hope you will find this art project interesting and share it with others.
Use this page if you wish to take part in this art project

For further information please contact: info at 71gedichte.de